Tide Info

In most places in the US, there is typically a 3-6 foot tidal swing, so few people even pay attention to the tides.  If you’re new to our beach and/or the Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point area, you might be surprised to hear people talk about the tides.  They are HUGE!

Tides result from the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon on the oceans of the Earth.  Due to the location and setup of Rocky Point, we happen to get very large tidal swings.  So what is a huge tidal flow and what does that mean to you?  Twice each day, the water surges to a high point (high tide) and twice each day, the water surges back (low tide).  The size of the tidal swings change each day throughout the month, going from almost no change to a maximum of 24 FEET!  The size of a tidal swing is measured in the vertical change of the surface of the water.  So, a 24 foot tidal change means the water has gone up or down by 24 feet!  That is higher than a 2-story building and higher than Casa de Olé's dome!

Since the slope of the beach is so gentle (not steep), that means when the tide goes out, it can go out a great distance! Low tides offer endless opportunities to explore the tidal pools, look for seashells, etc.  They are a great place to let the little ones play in only a few inches of water.  At low tides, the sand is very flat, so it makes a great place to play family games, toss a football or frisbee, etc.

Case de Olé provides daily tide charts in the coffee table binder for your use.  Most seasoned beach-goers learn to check the tides each morning and plan their day around them.

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