Internet / Remote Work

It has always been the dream to be able to bring your family and friends to paradise, but still be able to stay in touch with the office.  In today's world, that means you need to have great Internet.  After years of work to find a solution in our remote location, Casa de Olé is pleased to announce that we now have GREAT internet.  The Internet is fiber-fed in town and then delivered via a fixed wireless connection to our property.  It has been very reliable and fast. In fact, in many ways, it is BETTER than the cable connections in the States.

Once on property, there is excellent WiFi throughout.  No less than 5 high-speed access points broadcast Wifi throughout so you can enjoy the full experience anywhere on property, even on the back patio and front courtyard.

The owners have had 4 people working on separate zoom meetings at one time and had no problems.  Doctors have used their EMR systems without issues.  Streaming movies & shows, social media updates, VPN connections, VoIP calls, no problem.  Desks in most bedrooms.

While you don't come to the beach to just to use the Internet, it is nice to know you can now EXTEND your vacation because you can easily work remotely when you need to.  Just another way this is a beach paradise!