About the Owners

We first discovered Rocky Point in 1984 when Lauren’s brother was involved in bringing solar power to the Playa Encanto beach. Things were a lot more primitive back then, with portable generators for power, water that had to be trucked in from town, and the entrance road was so primitive that you had to deflate your tires to make it! Getting stuck was a common occurrence, and our car always had a tow rope close at hand. We fell in love with the beautiful ocean at the desert’s edge, the night sky bursting with stars, the massive tides and the serene beach experience that this secluded peninsula provided us with. We stayed at other beaches in Rocky Point as the years went by, but there was something about looking out over this pure sand beach as far as the eye could see, the close proximity to the magical estuary that emptied and filled twice a day, and the solitude of the area that kept calling us back. We stayed many nights when we thought we were the only people on the beach! Those early days were more like “glamping” with very primitive rental options. Sometimes we ran out of water, or sometimes the generators didn’t work, but we didn’t care. We were in paradise!
We were always looking for wonderful places to vacation with our growing family that were safe, easy to get to, provided memorable experiences and were affordable. Wherever we went, our hearts always called us back to Rocky Point! During one trip to Playa Encanto, we stumbled upon a new development named “Playa La Jolla”, and thanks to the courage provided by a Corona or two, decided to make the leap and purchase a beachfront lot in hopes of building the house of our dreams. We were inspired by the builder who assured us that we really could have a modern house with all the amenities in this secluded area. We then went about designing a home for our family of 6 to enjoy. We wanted it to feel festive and fun, and have plenty of room to both gather and spread out.

We broke ground in 1998. Lauren, a mosaic artist had a vision of lots of colorful custom tile work throughout. We often drove down for day trips so she could finish up some tile work as the house was being built around her. The workers thought she was a little crazy as they would watch her intentionally smash perfectly good tiles with a hammer! Bill, an engineer, was focused
on seeing that the house was built well, using the best technology and methods available. There were many times that Bill’s vision and the builder’s methods did not mesh! It was a long slow process, and after 16 months, the house was finally completed! We often say that our marriage is the perfect combination of “form” and “function”, as we each brought our particular strengths and power of persuasion to this construction challenge! So, while the building of the house at many times felt like a test of endurance and patience, in the end it was truly a labor of love!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time here as our family has grown. We were always inviting friends to join us, and consequently we have quite an “extended” family of Casa de Olé, adoptees! Our kids are now all grown and are having kids of their own! And while they all live in different parts of the country, they still look forward to their time together at this house, where they can reminisce about their childhood antics, and enjoy it with new eyes and new adventures! The other bonus for us was developing long lasting friendships with many of our neighbors in our community, especially those on either side of Casa de Olé. We all look
out for each other, lending a helping hand when necessary or providing a much needed part to fix a broken “something”! We often schedule our vacations so we can all be on the beach at the same time. We’ve watched our families grow, and now we are watching each other’s grandchildren grow. It’s been a beautiful experience in so many ways! So now you can see how we chose the name for our website..BeachParadise.com…..because it is!

Thanks for finding us and choosing to spend your vacation with us!  We hope your time here is filled with great memories and you will come back year after year and enjoy the magic that Casa del Olé has to offer!

Bill & Lauren